Avoid High Cost of Cleaning Mattress With Improved Means of Cleaning

Folk recipes, tested by generations of housewives, have established themselves well as a means of removing stains from the mattress at home. In addition, this is a great way to achieve cleanliness without the use of chemicals and save on the purchase of special products. You will find all the ingredients for homemade cleaning products in the kitchen or in the medicine cabinet.

Before using, any recipe needs to be checked in an inconspicuous place, treating it with a small area. This is how the professional mattress cleaning in Kalamunda operates, and it is recommended for homeowners use.

Wet Mattress Cleaning With Vinegar

Vinegar is a pretty powerful anti-stain remedy. Using it you can display: food and drink stains; fresh spots of urine; traces of tea.

For Mattress Sanitation, Use Vinegar As Follows:

Prepare the solution based on the proportions: ½ teaspoon of vinegar to 0.5 liters of lukewarm water. Pour the resulting composition into a container with a spray bottle, prepare a clean, dry sponge or rag in advance. Spray the vinegar solution onto the stain with a thin layer, avoiding the formation of puddles. Rub the stain with a clean, dry sponge without pressing on the mattress – otherwise you will push the liquid and dirt deep into it. 

You can leave the vinegar to work for 10-15 minutes. Place a clean paper towel on the treated area and blot the remaining moisture, change the towel and repeat the procedure. Change wipes until they stop getting wet. Leave the treated place to dry for 30-40 minutes, only after that cover the mattress with linen. 

Vinegar does more, as it is also used for preventive care, if the tips for mattress cleaning are adhered to.

Vinegar for Preventive Care

By the way, vinegar is perfect for preventative cleaning of the entire mattress. But for these purposes it is better to use a less concentrated composition: ½ teaspoon of vinegar per 1 liter of water. When used correctly, this amount of solution is enough to process a double mattress from all sides.

  • Preventive cleaning of the mattress with vinegar should be carried out as follows:
  • Vacuum the mattress, paying particular attention to the sides, crevices and depressions – a special crevice nozzle for the vacuum cleaner is perfect for this. 
  • Spray the composition over the entire surface of the mattress and gently rub it with a hard sponge or brush.
  • Clean the sides in the same way. If the mattress has thick edge seams, unscrew them and carefully clean them.
  • Leave the mattress to dry for 40-60 minutes and only then turn it over for cleaning on the second side. 
  • After processing, it is better to put the mattress closer to the balcony or open window. So it dries faster, and the sour smell of vinegar disappears. 
  • To cover a mattress with a mattress cover and bed linen is possible only after complete drying. Otherwise, undamped moisture will become mold or fungus.


If the product does not corrode the mattress cover, does not form stains – you can safely proceed to cleaning the entire product. This is a professional Carpet Cleaning Kalamunda technique, which is recommended for public use too.